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Project evaluation and planning

Every project is being analysed and evaluated by our expertised team and then the most efficient ideas pass to the next stage. 

3D CAD Design /
FEA analysis

Every part or assembly is thoroughly designed in 3D CAD design software. Depending on the nature of the project, the machine, assembly or single component is being evaluated through FEA software so it ensures the efficiency of the final product.

The drawings are printed and passed on the production team to begin the manufacturing process. Close supervision ensure optimum quality of the final products.


Every component, assembly or machine must pass the quality control process prior getting the green light for full production.

Quality Control


We are a manufacturing company dealing with all kinds of machining, fabrication, machine construction, sheetmetal forming, welded constructions and special constructions using CNC machine tools.
Our staff consists of 10 experienced people who have the required work experience and know-how. In summary our staff consists of craftsmen graduates of technical institutions and schools, machine tool operators and certified welders. We also have a mechanical design engineer with design experience in 3D CAD and FEA software.We have the ability to manufacture 24 hours a day.
Our company is fully equipped with a computer network. The implementation of quality assurance methods for the projects we undertake is certified by approved laboratories where the required chemical and mechanical analyzes are carried out as well as the dimensional checks according to the specifications defined by the mechanical designs.
The quality of the materials used is ensured through the provision of quality certificates and corresponding accompanying documents which mention the chemical compositions and mechanical properties of the materials we purchase.



  • 3x conventional lathes / machining diameter up to 710mm / machining length 3.000mm

  • 1x conventional lathe / machining diameter up to 1.000mm / machining length 8.000mm

  • 1x plate lathe / machining diameter up to 2.000mm

  • 1x HAAS CNC athe

  • 1x FIRST CNC 3-axis machining centre

  • 1x TOS W100 boring machine

  • 1x D1600 radial machine

  • Milling machines

  • Bending/Shearing machines for shearing and bendins steel plates up to 12mm thickness

  • 1x Roll bending machine for sheetmetal - 3m/12mm

  • 1x Roll bending machine for tubes, profiles and beams

  • MIG and TIG welding machines

  • 2x Saw blade machines

  • CNC plasma/oxy cutting machine, 4.000mm x 8.000mm cutting surface







For any inquiries, questions or RFQs, please email us at or fill out the following form

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25100, Aigion, Greece

Tel/Fax: +30-2691020588

Mob: +30-6932980020

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